15 september 2005

Ég heillaðist af ljóðamaskínu sem hlekkt var á frá skáldi á Ísafirði. Ég renndi í gegnum hana nokkrum póstfars-titlum sem mér hafa borist nýlega. Það leynist fegurð í póstfarsi sem ekki allir gera sér grein fyrir:

lose the tummy Milagros

The Sirens by Milagros. ... traces the
outline of her panties and Kassandra’s stomach
trembles as ... her body jerks violently, but our hands never lose
their focus. ...
... Parents: Anilu and Juan Names: Milagros
Unnamed_Angels: ... than for the
short time you
were in Mommy's tummy. ... so lonely and terrified that i might lose
this baby ...
Nine-month-old Milagros
Cerron -- her name means miracles in Spanish -- is one
of only ... During a normal tummy
tuck, the
skin is pulled down like a shade, ...
... "¡Muchos cren en milagros, pero tu necesitarás más que eso!". ... "It's not whether I
win or lose, just as long as I piss you off! ... It's good for my tummy!" ...
It was an "emotional roller coaster," said Dr. Milagros
Santiago, a pediatrician
... He is 21 1/4 inches long and has a tummy
girth of a robust 15 inches. ...
"I did lose
my hair and had a cute little wig. ... Milagros
Chemotherapy "When
I started having chemotherapy, well, they explained everything to me and I ...
"I did lose
my hair and had a cute little wig. ... Milagros
Surgical Choices "And
when I for the
second opinion the
doctor explained it was more clear, ...
... winner and a pure serve and volleyers lose
to a ... Drake, Marie-Ève Pelletier, Stephanie
Dubois, Milagros
Sequera ATP ... fairly old, had a bit of a tummy
(not really ...
collect them like milagros
we pin. to statues of saints ... lose, and while this
wouldn’t always be the
case, it certainly was then, and the
newness of ...

... The milagros. ... That I will not be able to feed my kids, that I will lose
our home ... son,
you'll do more summerSaúlts with beans in your tummy; they add buoyancy ...
lose such powerful ships. The Japanese used all kinds of sneaky tricks ...
que mañana realizarán milagros
para ennoblecer más nuestra frontera. ...
I: Pará, pará, pará. Milagros, ¿qué pasa si la dejo? ... Millie calls her a traitor.
Ivo doesn't want to lose
her, he loves her. Millie tells him there's ...
Patients lose
trust at US hospital after hydraulic fluid incident ... 'Miracle Mermaid
Baby' Milagros
meets the
media after her successful operation ...
Help me get on with life after losing my father, and forget about the
items that
seemed so ... Dear Angel, I'm only 38 weeks old, still in Mommy's tummy. ...
... better known as nose jobs, tummy
tucks and ... commits professional misconduct and may
lose his license ... malpractice suit against Personal Best, Milagros
Horrego, 49 ...
Clifford the
big red dog : tummy
trouble ...

Fast Weight Loss Pill - Lose your tummy
fast - Guaranteed! ... Comment on Milagros
Center of Excellence in Migrant Health ...

... prayers for my Daughter Wendy. she is have alot of pain in her tummy
and ...
Blessed Mother, please pray that I will not lose
my friendship with Mike. ...
... 1 demaggica 1 nilesh 1 norrin 1 puppetry 1 aggregator 1 tummy
1 overstreet
... 1 cleveland 2 stanley 1 govind 1 milagros
2 peak 5 capa 1 flirt 2 thyroid ...
Pray for Milagros
to get healed with her high blood sickness and any ... He has
an enlarged heart, rapid pulse, distended tummy
and serious dental problems. ...
by Hr. Pez

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